Wren and Mary

by Wren and Mary

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Recorded in the Spring of 2012 at the Achilles Shed in Burlington, VT by William Lawrence
Released by Leopard Shepherd Records


released February 1, 2013

E.A plays on tracks 1,8,9, and 10
William plays on tracks 3,8, and 11
Mixed and Mastered by William Lawrence and Tim Stimpson



all rights reserved


Wren & Mary Burlington, Vermont

Wren and Mary met on an Island. Sometimes they think about when they met.
They think it's fun to sing and play instruments together, so they do.

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Track Name: Blood Feather
there's no need to harvest your eyes just yet!
the leaves haven't fallen.
that girl's got a feather growing out of her skull!
she doesn't know it filled with blood
so brush the dust off your bones and search for the ghosts
that you know are there.

make yourself an antenna and pull down the original spirits signal.
Track Name: Tundra
please don't go to close to the road Tundra
you are a tundra
sit down, stand up you sleep in a basement Forest
you are a forest
wake up wake up you're gonna be late to school River
you are a river
please stand by my side this world can be a scary place Orion
you are Orion
Track Name: Sinking Whale
everything is a dinosaur
until you realize
dinosaurs are small

sinking whale, silently
sinking whale, can you hear me?

when you die you'll sink down in the water
landing gently down at the bottom
there is land underwater
Track Name: You Smiled
you smiled at the cats meow
the TV is on

I'm sorry that we never got the chance to run away
please promise me that when that wicked woman's walking
across the field that you'll get up and run away

you smiled at my untied shoelace
in the cafeteria before gym class

I'm sorry that we never got the chance to run away
feather white with fear your drifting past me
dry your eyes

you smiled when my mom always told me
to wear my helmet in the drive way
Track Name: City Song
I want to see the city for myself
nobody stands completely by themselves

my foe you'll see me
and that I'm not alone
Track Name: Ain't No Ghost
when the leaves fell
I could smell the dust lift
from the carpet.
and at this moment, I knew it couldn't get dark yet!

let's go outside
or let's stay inside
maybe that's just fine
for just 5 more fucking minutes
Track Name: Hey Mr.!
Hey Mr., you've got bugs in your hair!
I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare
but my brother told me your a mean old man
and I believe everything my brother says.

Excuse me madam, you look 1/2 DEAD!
why would you put those things in your arms?
my mother told me to stay away
and I believe everything my mother says.

Hey Mr., you've got thorns in your side!
it might appear that you don't have eyes!
my father told me to take my time
and I believe everything my father says.
Track Name: Human Being
I have one father and mother
I have one sister and brother
I am only just me
and that is something that is changing

I can think of what it would be like
to be someone else
but I will never know
what that feels like though

I don't always do the right thing
I don't always know
I can't tell you which way
I am...

I don't always do the right thing
I don't know what that means.